greatest hits: nicole richie

nicole richie is one of my favorite style icons, and i have really loved her style over the past couple of years. so i put together her “greatest hits”, which are the best looks, in my opinion, that she has donned of all time.

enjoy these marvelous looks!



16 thoughts on “greatest hits: nicole richie

  1. That was Fashionably fullfiling. ;]Now I hope the baby has plumped her up and she’s not so ridiculously think anymore.

  2. Nicole Richie is a guilty pleasure celeb for me–I like how her style has transformed.

  3. great post – so many picturesi see you tend to like more of her rocker style. everything she wears is greatoh, by the way come join this fashion forum a bunch of us bloggers are on! bloggerettes.proboards91.comhope to see you there!tinsley

  4. she’s my favorite style icon too, this is a great post you did a fantastic job on it!

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