chloe perfume ads

i adore these new chloe perfume ads. they star anja rubik, clemence poesy, and chloe sevigny. my favorite of all of them has to be anja rubik, but clemence comes in a close second. i think they are marvelous, so clean, simple and chic, they really make me want to go out and buy the fragrance.

who’s ad do you like the best?

chloe perfume

chloe perfume (2)

chloe perfume (3)


9 thoughts on “chloe perfume ads

  1. I love the Clemency one, she looks so great and mysteriousI found your blog and I love your fashion icons, great taste!!

  2. it’s a difficult choice !!! i love them all :) buut i think my favourite is anja rubik one &hearts

  3. I’m a fan of the Clemence one, and I really don’t care for the Chloe one! I usually love her, but there’s something that falls flat to me here…

  4. the girl in my sidebar is the gorgeous norwegen mdoel Siri Tollerod.These ads are great, but have full effect when all together.Despite my super love of Sevigny, I’m torn between Rubik and Poesy on this one…

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