dianes new year

i just found these amazing photos from diane krugers new years eve party, and i decided to post them. it was at the soho house in nyc and, as you can probably tell, was great gatsby themed. i adore the roaring 20’s, so glamorous, and the great gastby is one of my favorite books. marvelous idea for a party, dont you think?

diane looks absolutely stunning, great look for her.


18 thoughts on “dianes new year

  1. what so beautiful pictures &hearts i really love thembtw the chanel blush is amazing and perfect for the make-up ;)thanks for your comment :)

  2. I spotted these too.Her party looked like a glorious little porthole; what a fantastic way to spend new years!She’s too <>cool.<>Just been having a click through some of your last posts, they’re great. Wish you posted more!

  3. Those photos are AMAZING!Diane is gorgeous.I would have loved living in the 20’s,it was such a glamourous period,everyone was so chic!

  4. So beautiful ! So glamorous ! I wish I had a time machine so I could go back to the 20s..looks like such a fantastic era

  5. i love the fur!! i mean i’m all into saving animals and all that good stuff, but theres always something about fur that makes you look glamourous and fabulous!

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