erin wasson

one of my favorite models has to be erin wasson, not only is she gorgeous, but she has amazing personal style. i love this outfit, simple, but very chic.

she is the epitome of the cool model.


photo via


17 thoughts on “erin wasson

  1. I love seeing off duty photos of models as they are always so stylish, love the way she teams the slogan tee with those shoes!

  2. i really love erin wasson. did you see the show she styled for alexander wang? it was pretty excellent. By the way: your “about me”? it could be mine, it describes me so well!keep up the good work!

  3. it is!! i know. but i can easily pull it off if i wear a slip and pair with with leggings. you know?

  4. hii really love love your blog! you have such a beautiful pictures…you gave me the inspiration i was looking for today!

  5. Nope, it’s not real leather. Real leather is far too expensive for this College girl. One day though, one day I will get a real leather coat.

  6. what an undeniably chic outfit.. what i wouldnt give for those super long legs as well!xoxo

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